According to worldwide statistics, 20% of employees leave the company within 45 days of joining and around 50% of people quit the company within 1 year. Attrition is somewhere related to the onboarding process of companies. Companies with proper onboarding processes have a low attrition level.

People quit a company due to the following reasons

  1. Unmet expectations during recruitment: Big promises are made during recruitment, but realities are totally different

i) For Example, people feel not getting the salary they were offered. They might not understand the difference between CTC & in hand.

ii) Some people feel that they are not given the role that was discussed during recruitment. During the discussion, they were offered some other roles but in reality, there is no such thing. So they feel upset and they move to some other company. 

  1. Lack of learning and development: Every employee wants to grow in a company by acquiring new skills. He wants to learn from his peers and competitors. 

But when they come to know people are working in the same position for 5 years, there is no promotion policy. No scope for grow. So they feel they have made the wrong decision and decide to leave the company. 

  1. Discontent with managers: manager invests 3 to 4 months in recruitment and people in join after 2 months. Till that time manager’s patience level comes down and he expects that the employee will perform since day 1. But it does not happen in reality because people take time to understand. And adopting a new work culture So things are changing quickly for an employee and his expectations are also not fulfilled y the company. Therefore he leaves the company and joins some other company. 
  2. Lack of role clarity : In absence of organograms people don’t commit because they don’t know who are their reportees and whom they should report. 

Also, they don’t have any idea about which type of report they have to make. What are their activities and how their performance will be judged? So they start searching for other jobs in the absence of role clarity.