1) Make A Decision

Make a choice first. Make a firm decision to start performing a certain manner 100% of the time, anytime such behaviour is necessary. For instance, if you decide to work out in the mornings, set your clock for a specified time, and when the alarm goes off, wake up right away, put on your workout clothes, and start working out.

2) Never Allow An Exception To Your New Habit

Second, avoid making an exception to your new behavioural pattern while it is still developing. Make no justifications or apologies. Not absolve yourself of responsibility. If you make a commitment to rising at 6:00 AM every day, train yourself to do so until it becomes second nature.

3) Tell Others You Are Practicing A New Behavior

Third, let others know that you’re going to start acting in a certain way. You’ll be astonished at how much more disciplined and focused you’ll be when you realise that people are watching to see if you have the willpower to stick with your resolution.

4) Visualize Your New Habit

Fourth, picture yourself carrying out or acting in a certain manner in a certain circumstance. Your subconscious mind will accept this new behaviour more quickly and make it automatic the more frequently you visualise and pretend that you already exhibit the new behaviour.

5) Create An Affirmation

Create an affirmation that you repeat to yourself repeatedly as your fifth step. The amount of repetition you receive significantly accelerates the process of creating a new habit. For instance, you could remark, “I wake up and leave right away at 6:00 AM every morning!” The last thing you say before going to bed, repeat these words. Most of the time, you will awaken on your own before the alarm goes off, and soon you won’t need an alarm clock at all.

6) Resolve To Persist

Sixth, make a commitment to stick with the new habit until it becomes automatic and natural to the point where you genuinely feel uncomfortable when you don’t follow through

7) Reward Yourself

The seventh and most crucial step is to reward yourself in some way for exercising the new behaviour. You encourage and repeat the behaviour each time you treat yourself. You quickly start to subconsciously link the behaviour and the reward’s pleasure. By choosing to engage in the action or habit you have chosen, you create your own force field of advantageous outcomes that you unconsciously anticipate.

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